Bill Lands Molokai Bonefish

Bill Reed fished with me yesterday.  Conditions were far from ideal.  Wind forecast predicted 12-15 knot winds.  Reality on the water was 20 to 25 knot winds.  Molokai is known for its wind but this was well beyond normal.

We attempted to fish out of the boat.  As wind grew in ferocity that became futile.  Instead I anchored the boat and we waded.  Targeting areas close to the mangroves, fishing the little bays they formed which created some minor protection from the wind.  

There was a lot of chop on the water.  This made spotting any tailing bonefish extremely difficult to impossible.  Aside from making casting difficult the wind was churning up mud making seeing into the water difficult as well. 

Later in the morning we fished a somewhat protected bay.  I saw a flash of green and let Bill know a bone was there.  His first cast was a little short.  2nd cast was in front of the fish.  Money!  Bill stripped, there was a swirl in the water....Fish On!  

Fish made a couple of runs.  We were far from any large coral heads and soon had it landed.  A couple photos were taken a quick release.

 Later in the day Bill was still in awe of the fish.  He recalled, "the eye of that fish was the size of my fingertip!" 

Inspecting his first Hawaiian Bonefish.