Close Only Counts in Horeshoes

The wind has died after blowing off the charts for 3 weeks.  Which is great for the most part.   First few windless days have been overcast and rainy at times.  Overcast skies make life very difficult for sight fishing.  Lots of glare on the water and no light to see through the water making it essential to find a tailing bone.

Regardless of sky conditions local life flight nurse Emily had a day off from work and wanted to fish.  Departed the harbor after 1 on figuring to get a couple of hours in before dark.  I decided our best option was to anchor the boat and wade a very shallow flat hoping for a tailer.

Emily hunting for tailing bones on the Molokai flats

Luck was with us, a fish tailing in 6-8 inches of water.  Emily put the sneak on the fish!  Cast!   Fish moved off its feeding line and toward the fly.  Emily began to strip.  Fish seemed to be following the fly.  Fish missed the fly and got ahead of the strip.  Emily tried to speed the strip up but to no avail.  Fish to to with in 6 feet of us, giant splash, giant swirl and GONE!  

Would have been great to hook the fish, would have been great to land the fish.  To spend an afternoon on the water, no one around, see whales, see sharks, see turtles and have shot at a tailing bone was awesome in itself.